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1. How does the Direct Pediatric Program work?

This opportunity to join DPC is simple, for an affordable monthly fee your child can:

-Visit me in the office up to 20 times a month with visits lasting at least 30 minutes.

-Enhanced access to me with:

  • A dedicated DPC phone number for calling and texting  and
  • A direct email through our portal

-You also have the option of E-visits: Which are virtual visits through the practice online portal.

-This monthly membership also includes all the regular in office tests e.g strep, urinalysis etc.

- I would never use insurance to bill your care.

2. How much does it cost?

  • $55 per month per child for children- Newborn to 6 years old
  • $50 per month per child for children- 7-11 years old
  • $45 per month per child for children- 12-18 years old

Third child will get a 10% discount on monthly membership, after the first three kids your kids are free.

3. What are the Limitations?

  • I cannot offer vaccines as this would cause the monthly cost of the membership to skyrocket as vaccines are cost prohibitive
  • However, there are alternatives to this that I could offer you to give you access to vaccines.
  • Outside referrals, hospital, ER and outside urgent care visits are not encompassed in the program

4.How do we deal with referrals or ERs visits?

Although you and I are going through this brave world of DPC together I am still working on converting many others in medicine to join us on this journey.  So to make sure your children would be able to be treated at a hospital or see a specialist if need be I do encourage you to have a backup insurance for them if this is affordable for you.

Good insurances that fit well with the DPC structure are either those with high deductibles and low premiums that only cover a really high level care if needed. Other kinds of insurance are those that we call healthshare/catastrophic or indemnity plans. These have low deductibles and premiums and again only cover when a higher level care is needed. Some even pay you back if you have a well visit.

For example that same parent with two small children pays a membership of 100 dollars a month and 250 dollars a month for a catastrophic plan therefore spending 4200 a year vs 20000 dollars!

My partner with insurance who can help you find a perfect plan to fit your needs and pair well with DPC is my personal insurance manager Karla Flores-Smith. She is very knowledgeable and can help you very well.

Karla Flores-Smith: IPA Family/IHC Group, 480-650-0018,

*Qualified families only accepted**

***If interested please act now and book a meet and greet as space is limited in this program***

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