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Direct Pediatric Care (DPC)

I’m excited to tell you about a new change in my practice, Direct Pediatric Care (DPC).  This is a revolution in medicine that is just starting to get its roots established. It comes from a place where both doctors and patients have extreme dissatisfaction of the way that healthcare is changing and headed.

Healthcare costs are on the rise in America and there are many factors to blame. In November of 2016 premiums on Arizona’s healthcare marketplace went up 145%!  With the new administration in Washington the future of healthcare continues to be uncertain.

In my practice my patients are facing horrible increases in their premiums:

  • A Family with 2 young children their premium went from $550 a month to $2300 monthly!   Over 27K a year! 1/3 of their yearly income!
  • A single mom with one teenager premiums went up to $1400 a month! Over 16k yearly!

And these are just premiums- not including copays and deductibles. Statisically, the average family shells out $10,000 yearly in addition to their premiums.

From my standpoint as a physician the biggest barrier to healthcare for patients and doctors alike are the mammoth insurance companies.

My direct pediatric care program stems from the membership based Direct Primary Care model that is truly overtaking the world of primary care medicine. It’s moving back to the simpler time when your doctor was there when you needed her and you didn’t have to worry that you wouldn’t be able to afford it.  Families pay a monthly membership that is generally more affordable than your cell phone bill every month giving you access to  multple longer visits to your doctor. As well as enhanced access to your doctor’s personal cell phone and email, keeping you in touch with your physician and giving you peace of mind. All without using any insurances, copays or deductibles.

All I want is to make sure our doctor-patient and family relationship is strong. That the care you need for your children is there without having to muddle through all the hoops of the insurers.  I want to serve you in the best way I can and want your family to feel secure knowing I am available to you when you need me.


Please click here for details of the great program.

 **Qualified families only accepted**

***If interested please act now and book a meet and greet as space is limited in this program***