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Hello and welcome to the Monarch Medical Group!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Farah Rehman Lokey and I am an almost native of Arizona. I have lived in the East Valley for 30 years and practiced here for over 5 years. I am a graduate of Dobson High School in Mesa Arizona and alumnus of Arizona State University School of Engineering and University of Arizona College of Medicine. My pediatric training was at St Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. I am also board certified and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

I have opened my own practice here in the East Valley because I love living here. Gilbert especially is a fast growing town and a wonderful place to raise children. My goal is to be an integral part of this community and I am currently an active member in the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. Through this organization I have met many owners of many different companies all over Gilbert and have come to realize that Gilbert and East Valley business owners have heart!

I love practicing pediatrics. I come to work every day with a smile on my face in anticipation of talking to my wonderful, cute and humorous patients. I have cultivated a special interest in helping children with issues of adolescent obesity and children with genetic and chronic diseases. I am the chairperson to the American Academy of Pediatrics Arizona Chapter’s Obesity committee. Our clinic also has become a medical home to many children with Autism, developmental delays, ADHD and children in foster care. I strive to give them a place they are well treated medically and emotionally. As a pediatrician I am an advocate for all children!

I also love to teach medical students and nurse practitioners students and on any given day you may see one or both of these students with me. Teaching keeps me up to date on the latest changes to pediatrics allowing me to instruct these students well. I am a clinical assistant professor for Midwestern University and an adjunct clinical professor for Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health innovations and AT Still University’s PA program.

I have contributed to articles about children in Raising Arizona Kids Magazine and other publications, click here to see some of my articles.

“Make us your child’s medical home”.

I live very close by the office with my wonderful husband John, who is a special education teacher and head tackle football coach at San Tan Charter School, and my beautiful little girl Rania.

I am delighted to have you come and visit us and join our family. We strive to be a medical home to your children and a place you feel comfortable in. You will enjoy my staff, as they are all quite happy and caring. Please come and visit us soon.

Music has been part of my life for a very long time. My time spent singing in choirs spans over 20 years.  I most recently sang in Mesa Community College choir under the direction of my high school conductor from Dobson High School.  It was great fun to be back under my favorite teacher from high school.  We sang everything from Latin, French, Hebrew classical music to old southern African American spirituals, just a wonderful span of styles.

As the years have gone by my singing on stage by myself has diminished but I still love and do Karaoke anytime I can to keep music fun going!

Cooking and watching the Food Network has become a hobby for me. Luckily my husband John loves to eat! I enjoy experimenting with different recipes whether it’s me throwing together recipes, trying to develop healthy recipes from not so healthy ones or just making some recipes from the cooking shows.   I didn’t realize I liked to cook so much until I married my husband in 2008 and felt such pride when he loved my food.

The practice of medicine is poised to go through big changes once again now that we have a new administration in Washington.  Many of my colleagues and I feel at a loss sometimes when it comes to the affordable care act and all that is embroiled around it on a daily basis. The one thing we do know is that access to healthcare, especially primary care, is becoming more and more difficult. If it isn’t premiums increasing on insurance, its lack of choices on the marketplace (currently only one choice in Arizona) or the enormous amounts families must pay in deductibles.  This strife and emotional stress on families is taking a toll on their overall health and sometimes parents have to choose between which child is the sickest and only get that child medical care. That is unacceptable.  As a physician, I have very little control over what insurance companies do and do not cover. I also have very little control over how much they will reimburse me or allow me to prescribe. What I do have control over is trying to be the best pediatrician for my patients that I can be as well as trying my best to continue to provide good access to pediatric primary care. That is why I continue to follow evidence based medicine, give you all the resources you need and take time with families. It is also why I have started my Direct Pediatric Care Program. This will allow me to be here for your child whenever you need me and not have to jump through the hoops and hurdles of insurance companies that impede both our paths to good healthcare.  Overall I hold steadfast with all of you to do my best to keep your children healthy and feel comfortable and cared for when they come to their doctor.

Vaccinations have also become a hot topic in the recent decade with many people with different beliefs about vaccinations.  As a pediatrician, I believe that vaccinations are very important. These vaccines prevent children from contracting very dangerous diseases.  Many believe that they don’t need to vaccinate their children as many of the diseases that the vaccines are for are no longer seen in America. However, these diseases are still in our environment and still can be contracted and imported from other countries. This is why we are seeing many of the vaccine preventable diseases coming back like Whooping cough, Measles, Meningitis etc.

However, I do understand that some families may have a different beliefs about vaccines and although I will continue to support vaccination and the CDC vaccination schedule I do respect others beliefs and will work with families who have alternate schedules, delay vaccines or do not vaccinate. I will not turn these families away however will have frank discussions about vaccinating their children.  I will continue to educate families on vaccines.

Favorite websites: Centers for disease control. Find accurate and up to date information about childhood vaccines as well as travel vaccines. One can also fine information about many common diseases and up to date information about disease outbreaks etc. The American Academy of pediatrics, up to date information about pediatrics and pediatric issues.  Easy to read information of all children’s health and wellness topics Another great easy to read website about children’s health issues


Community websites:  The Arizona Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics Obesity Committee website to combat against childhood obesity help kids get healthy the 5-2-1-0 way.  Our wonderful Gilbert Chamber of Commerce website to help find local businesses around town A great place to visit to find out what’s happening in our community A website to start with when trying to find quality childcare A another great website to find quality childcare and preschools for children birth to five years old, run by First Things First A great magazine that share stories about other moms and families and great helpful information for families.


My healthy eating and foodie websites: Great sight to find recipes that are tasty with low calories and some diet plans to help us all eat right A way to track calories daily as well as get calorie counts for all the foods at all the restaurants around town. The free phone app comes with a bar code scanner so you can scan all your foods at the grocery store and know the portion sizes and calorie counts for all your favorite foods.  Run by the USDA to help our country eat right the My Plate way.  The Food Network’s website, has some wonderful recipes healthy ones and not so healthy ones for those days we just need comfort food. Another great site with some yummy recipes.

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