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One of my family’s new years resolutions this year was to cut out some carbohydrates from our diet. Eating a low carbohydrate diet can be very refreshing and a great way to find new ways of eating vegetables that can be very appealing to the kids in the family and also can help with weight loss.

Last night my family and I had some yummy cauliflower in the fridge and I decided to make some great mashed cauliflower. If made with just the right ingredients they can almost pass for mashed potatoes.

Yummy Garlic-y mashed cauliflower (adapted from a recipe I found)

-One head of cauliflower chopped apart
-4 cloves of garlic or garlic powder (which is what I used last night)
-butter or margarine 1 tablespoon
-Milk 1/3 cup
( the original recipe called for buttermilk, I used regular 1% milk with a little vinegar to make it a bit sour, the mixture being 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of milk)
-Olive oil 2 teaspoons
-Salt and pepper for taste

Step One: Steam your cauliflower:

I steamed it with my steaming bowl that goes on top of my rice cooker for about 20 minutes,while I cooked the rest of my meal. You can also put it in the microwave with a little water about 1/4 cup and steam for about 5 minutes

Step Two: Mix your ingredients

Put the garlic, butter, milk and olive oil in a food processor and salt/pepper

Step Three: Blend that cauliflower

Put your steamed cauliflower in the food processor with everything else and pulse until is well blended and looks like good old mashed potatoes.

Step Four: Serve

Put on the plate maybe with some chives on top and a little drizzle of olive oil, or a smattering of Parmesan cheese on top or blended in for a little extra and Enjoy!

Remember everything in moderation and slow and steady wins the race, don’t try to change too much too fast so you can make a well concerted lifestyle change and stick too it!